Saturday, July 25, 2015

I hate you, I hate tech, I hate everything!

Not really...

I'm actually a live and let live kind of guy.  As such, I don't really look for things to bitch about they just kind of happen.

I know the world rarely spins the way I want it.  I also know that most things I consider garbage are treasures to pop culture mavens.

I'm not that old but I'm no kid either which means I have the benefit of experience without being too far removed from the influence of what current culture considers relevant.

Which is probably why I seem so pissed off all the time.  

I have a pet peeve.  It has to do with blindness brought on by willful stupidity.

I don't think everyone's stupid, I just think most people are too lazy to engage critical thinking.

It's more fun to buy into a carefully crafted facade than to accept that your world is never going to live up to the BS that's bombarding every moment of your day.
I don't seek to be the broken condom to your hot date rather I just want to make sure you don't suffer a debilitating letdown. 

It happens when that fateful day shows up like a crazy ex and your have the realization that everything you thought was important was nothing more than a successful marketing campaign to blast more ads to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Hey...Everything with a grain of salt.  Enjoy, experience, partake but for god's sake engage a brain cell.  Don't wait till you're too old and too infirm to make a real difference or at least a decision.

Here's a hint, if the cause you're fighting for is sponsored by anything that has an ad campaign on Hulu or YouTube you're being duped.

No, I'm not a troll, troglodyte, or malcontent.  I'm just a guy who's seen this crap before and is still young enough to recognize when someone's trying to snow me.
Have fun, explore, learn but don't take anything as gospel.  If it talks it can lie and chances are it has a self-serving agenda.

Look, if some guy with a "family friendly" podcast shows his junk then denies it or some fool on CNBC tells you that $6/gallon gas is a good thing for America it's time to start questioning your heroes.

If lying to people to benefit your own fortunes is your thing then so be it.  If it's not then it's time to take a closer look at whom you're supporting.

I have an assignment for you.  Assuming you have access to basic cable, spend a few hours during the week watching the commercials on CNBC or Bloomberg.  Don't bother with the so-called content.  The programming amounts to little more than fortune tellers in business suits divining meaningless stock crawlers.

You'll see a cavalcade of soft focused, inspirational declarations of companies whose only aim is to make the world a better place.  Let me finish that sentence... "For the shareholders"  

At least televangelists promise god...

Realize that everything you see during your "assignment" is a carefully crafted lie.  An invitation to suspend your better judgment.

This will be your reintroduction to critical thinking.

So no, I don't hate you but for god's sake grow the hell up. 

Life sucks more when you believe in lies.  

Consider this tough love...