Friday, August 7, 2015

Why Donald Trump could be the new face of politics

I like this guy...

Not the kind of "like" that would make me go out of my way to get his autograph or even buy one of his ghost written books.

No, I like him because he's exactly what politics, whatever your persuasion, needs.

He's an outspoken, outlandish, uncouth bully with more money than brains but he knows how to work the system.

...and he's ashamed of none of it.

I watched the first prime time Republican presidential debate with great interest on Thursday.   Not because I have any particular interest in the candidates or their message.  Not even for the opportunity to watch bunch of inarticulate monkeys dance for the fringes of their base.

It was for Trump.  With a few poorly delivered yet electrifying turns of a phrase he managed to scare the hell out of the conservative party establishment and pretty much the rest of politics.

He gets to say what he wants however he wants to and in a strange way it's refreshing.

Where in the past he's been dismissed as little more than an amusing crank, this time he's managed to take the lead in a still very early presidential race.

Say what you will of polls but they've been sold for decades as the pulse of American political opinion and it seems America has had enough.

He's a bellwether of a disgruntled electorate and an anathema to his party's status quo.

I love it.

When questioned about his political devotion seasoned with innuendo as to whom he's given campaign contributions to his response was quick, direct and devoid of ambiguity...

"I've given money to most of the people on this stage.."

Later adding, " I've given money to Hillary Clinton..." adding that campaign contributions make candidates beholden to him.  He joked, " I gave money to Hillary Clinton and when I called her to come to my wedding she did."


It couldn't have been a more transparent expose' on American political process if you had the Koch Brothers on stage injected with truth serum.

This wasn't some baseless accusation, here's someone who's part of the problem and admits it.  In fact he used it to illustrate the need for campaign finance reform.  Assuming you were paying attention that is...

You just have to love the guy.  Who cares what his politics are, History is littered with misogynistic douche-bags who managed to do a good turn in spite of themselves.

Will he be president?  Not a chance.  Is he a factor? Without a doubt.  He's become the megaphone for a fed-up public (and not just conservative) that the Tea Party could only dream of.

The longer he stays in the less the process can ignore his message.

Do I agree with everything, hell, almost anything he says?  No, but at least it's in your face and you know where he stands.

He is to Republicans what Bernie Sanders is to Democrats.   But where Sanders is the fiery elder statesman, Trump is a populist clown that just happens to be on message for his party.

Maybe Bernie should start wearing a goofy toupee' or something....

In any case I appreciate the direct approach and apparently so do voters.

Yeah, this guy's a moron...