Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Congratulations Republican machine, your clandestine plan worked....


I admit it...

For a few minutes I bought into the hastily assembled excuses from the punditry.  The glaring example of ineptitude in what passes for modern day journalism was laid bare.  Angry electorate my ass, the media has  proven that journalism isn't a trust anymore it's a product.

They spent the entire election cycle on baseless claims of treason caused by nothing more than a sloppy IT policy.  Outright lies were left to languish unchallenged instead opting for the juicy orgasm of meaningless sound bytes.  

Fuck the media, and RNC, you did...

By the way, I love the way you made all the pollsters look like fools.  That much was fun at least.

But you have to know, I'm on to you....

It's not about Clinton being a bad candidate or unlikable...

It's not about the DNC sabotaging Bernie Sanders...

It's not about an uprising from Joe Pickup truck...

It's not about scandals or spouses or election fraud.

It's the result of a promise made by Mitch McConnell 8 years ago and renewed 4 years later to obstruct anything that could possibly allow an Obama legacy to reap tangible benefits.  It's why every compromise offered to a Republican controlled (or obstructed) congress was refused even when you were given what you wanted.  
You just kept moving the goal post.

Charlie Brown was never going to kick that Football..

Let's face it,  the kind of people who would vote for Obama or Clinton are a more discerning bunch than the guy who thinks the primary qualification for President is that they'd be a good drinkin' buddy.

Instant gratification is the rule.  It's why someone like Bernie Sanders was a hit with the millennial crowd.  It's why to this day (especially THIS day) they still decry the loss of a candidate that could not realistically deliver half of what he promised.  

Not with a Republican congress. Not in an America where corpratism is intertwined with everything from healthcare to education.

Offering up Trump as a substitute for Sanders in last night's outcome is a fantasy.  But to the snapchat crowd looking for instant gratification, it wasn't out of the question.   You already knew you had Joe Six pack in the bag for a Sanders challenge.  Hell, no god fearing 'publican was going to vote for "some DAMN commie!"

Yeah, I saw what you were up to with that one a few months back.

Sanders was popular with his base but that "Socialist" label was already trotted out 8 years ago for Obama.  An Actual "Socialist" like Sanders?  The subtle accusations of a "closet communist" were already starting to surface at the mere HINT of his candidacy.   

The DNC emails may have seemed cold and cruel to the easily amused but I guarantee there were equally nasty examples  floating around the RNC email servers after the first Republican Primary Debate.

That is until you saw a path with Trump to what you really wanted.  

The plan was simple:

Discredit any achievement by the opposition by any means necessary.  

Make sure your "low information" base hurts just enough to want to blame somebody then point the finger at the other guy.

Bury the truth in baseless rhetoric and force Democrats to respond.

Which they did, with little bluster.

The Democratic party let the bully win too many times and if there's one thing Joe Six Pack won't stand for it's a "pussy."

That is, unless your candidate is caught grabbing one.  

Regardless of whatever historic milestones or steady leadership from the Obama White House, the Republican machine would ensure their base never felt the benefit of it.

Obstruction, pointless legislation and refusal to compromise are all it took.

By the way knock off the feigned opposition to trump.  Methinks thou doth protest too much.  

This is exactly what you wanted.  An unobstructed path to your own agenda with little fear of legislative or judicial challenge.  Trump will be your puppet even if he doesn't know it.  

If he nukes Canada, you probably just wanted to get rid of the cheap prescription drugs.

Well done, you played a long game in a short attention span world and the so-called "experts" never caught on.

Congratulations but realize, it's all on you now.  See ya in 2 years for the mid-terms....