Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump: Forget the first 100 days, the last 5 were bad enough...

Say what you will about the American political process but the fact remains that in this country we are free to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Or swear one in...

As my weary eyes strained to remain open that gloomy Friday morning, I watched the inauguration or should I say the coronation of now President Trump.

As the rain fell on a dreary Friday afternoon in Washington, the bible wasn't even cold  as the newly anointed President Trump delivered red meat to rabid supporters.  A scene worthy of any "El Presidente'" dictator complete with clenched fist and "America First" exclamations.  

Claims of "the largest inauguration turnout ever!" denied by oceans of whitespace on the National Mall flickering across America's TV screens like some surreal CUT without the requisite PASTE.

The weekend found blistering retorts of "The Media" for "misreporting" of the inauguration turnout from Trump's proxy mouthpiece Sean Spicer.  Soon followed by damage control from Campaign Manager turned Propaganda Minister Kellyanne Conway who explained "Shotgun Spicer's" outburst as nothing more than "Alternative Facts."

Saturday found Trump galloping over to the CIA , entourage in tow, to express his undying love and admiration for the organization he maligned just a week earlier.  Interspersed with his adoration, thinly veiled threats to fall in line along with the suggestion of a new mission.  

CIA, KGB, hell, why not...

That was followed up on Tuesday with news that the EPA has been officially "silenced" leaving Global Warming activists scrambling to back up government data that provided evidence of the phenomenon's legitimacy.  Data that was very much in jeopardy as Trump began his work to remake government in his own image.

Another stroke of the pen among many found new life for the Keystone XL and Dakota pipeline projects.   Worsening fears ever more realized.

The hits just keep coming with the latest the claim that "3 to 5 million votes" were cast illegally ultimately costing him the popular vote.   No evidence was offered for this opinion other than Trump's own narcissism.  

There's more to come but in less than a week Trump has managed to threaten or overturn every policy of his predecessor while alienating U.S. allies and silencing any government agency that may have evidence to contradict his whims.

Let's not forget the cabinet, A Secretary of State plucked from the executive suite of Exxon, Rex Tillerson.  A man unapologetically cozy with Russian Dictator Vladmir Putin with a history of working against his own country's interest in favor of his own.

Or Betsy DeVoss, pick for Education Secretary.  A woman with no education background, an active supporter of charter schools over public schools and a stakeholder in a student debt collection agency.   

Perhaps the most laughable of picks, Rick Perry for Energy Secretary.  A man who once promised to eliminate the department he's been picked to lead.  A man who up to a week ago wasn't aware that his department was in charge of the U.S. nuclear weapons program.

There's more to come in Trump's Kangaroo Cabinet as well as such gems as his pick for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai an enemy of Net Neutrality and government regulation of public airwaves.  


There's a pattern here as plain as the plaid on a Grunge band's shirts.

Does this sound like the ramblings of a "Butt-Hurt Libtard?"

Maybe to the less than 30% of the country that still supports Trump.   If, however, you have any sense of history it should be obvious that the actions of Trump are not those of a thoughtful man concerned with country but rather with self promotion.

The swipes at the press, cabinet picks the antithesis of their office, a muzzling of contradiction no matter how valid.  These are more than just the actions of a President setting a tone early in his tenure.  It's the foundation of something far more dangerous.  

This is the President that would be king.  

That protests took place during the inauguration, that the streets were empty as Trump's motorcade went by and that women all over the country marched in opposition to him the next day cannot be  dismissed unless you just don't care to know.

Do you care to know?  Or is your patriotism limited to a hat....