Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Political Power - You don't have it and you really don't care

I Was watching a Thom Hartmann video on YouTube and took notice of the comments below it. 

Regardless of the political bend it struck me that all of them had one thing in common.  A lack of understanding of how power in this country really works.

Oh sure, everybody hates the corporations and the government regulations are good/bad/indifferent and of course! Hands off my Social Security.

What you don't get is that all of that is just so much noise.  You live in a society that values brevity and shiny objects.  If you can't get your message across in 5 words or less with a bunch of red meat for the masses you're not going to be heard.

It's been reported that Trump while discussing the Constitution couldn't get past article 4 without devolving into a 6 year old forced to learn his multiplication tables,  By the way, it's the one that protects your marriage from being annulled simply because you crossed the border of a state that doesn't like your chosen partner.

These are our political leaders and in spite of all our outrage at their actions (or lack thereof) they could give a shit less about what makes you happy.  They don't serve you any more than a process server delivering a summons for some junk debt lawsuit.

Money is the master and if you don't have it you don't have the power.  This is our reality.  So here's some thoughts for you. 

It's your fault but only because you've been given a gilded cage.  Forced to live in ignorance and fear, you think it's supposed to be this way.  Big money must equate to big smarts right?!

Which gets you Donald Trump

Big promises with no conceivable way to deliver on them...

Bernie Sanders

Idealism and a rash of false equivalencies got us here kiddies.  The sad truth is that so long as the links in your chain are made slowly nobody will rise up in any kind of revolution.  You believe social media is the voice of freedom but you fail to see who's behind it and milking millions while you vamp over the latest poop emoji.

Your rantings in the comments section of YouTube are meaningless regardless of your political bend.

So long as you're satisfied with reality TV, mindless media drama queens and quick fix political platforms nothing will change.  We have the collective attention span of a goldfish and we really don't give a damn...

So long as someone throws a few specks of food into our bowl every now and again.

So long as people continue to allow themselves to be treated like commodities thrown in with pork bellies and farm implements.... 

So long as we are afraid to say "no more!" for fear of losing the crumbs so graciously provided by our corporate masters...

So long as local governments woo the likes of Walmart at the expense of small business...

So long as you live in fear of your own god given right to do what is right...

Nothing will change and you'll be happy about it...

Prove me wrong.  I see no evidence to the contrary regardless of your marches, speeches and twitter feeds.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

After Christmas - A post mortem for the soul

Twas the week after Christmas lights still on the tree sadly now shining not so brightly 

At once made perfect with all due care now those lights a nuisance, a tacky cross to bear

The excitement of the season fades to past as the day of reckoning for bills made comes fast

How quickly we forget why the season is so bright or perhaps we never really knew as we bought all in sight

The 26th comes the world again severe.  Good will toward men and kindness in arrears

The baubles now faded, broken and dark as the joy of the season fades to gray and stark

Now approaches a shiny new year with expectations rising and reality drawing near

Soon we'll return to march to another's tune all the time hoping our turn will come soon

Ahh but that reality, an ogre that looms.  A plague on the heart, foe of joy friend of doom

Life is what you make it or so they say but those who proclaim it rarely enter the fray

So as your impending hangover this New Year's Morn you dread

Let me pound this one simple message into your soon throbbing head

The lesson of the season isn't about lights on a tree

It's about the light kept inside year round shared freely

Priorities be damned, you've got them wrong anyway

Give of yourself and shine with the light of Christmas each and every day