Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Circular Logic

Circular logic is the premise that something is true solely because it can be proven by no other means than it's own context.  

It's as if you built a road in the form of a huge circle that both began and ended at the same point.

It exists for no other reason than to exist and leads nowhere but it's own beginning.

Religion will call this "Blind Faith" That the simple fact that the belief exists is proof of its relevancy with no other evidence.

Perhaps the term itself "circular logic" is a joke of sorts.

Consider the lowly circle, a perfectly round construct with both beginning and end.  It's own Alpha and Omega.

Have you noticed how circles look very much like the number Zero which most mathematicians will tell you isn't actually a number.  They give it no higher reverence than a placeholder to emphasize the lack of value attributed to the numbers that come after it. 


Because it has no real value or as some would say, the value of "null."  Contributing nothing, meaning nothing.  This sad little permutation of a circle is literally worth nothing.

Even Binary math holds zero in low esteem.  It's been given the meaning of  "low"  or  "off."  A state of being characterized by an interruption to the natural flow.  

In a stream of Binary numbers it's an indication that a particular set of values is unwanted and without  consequence in such a state.

Being without value, however, can be useful for control.  We can't have all those "1's" running about unhindered now can we?

So much like Zero we can attribute similar value to circular logic.

A method of control without any intrinsic value or purpose.