Sunday, February 10, 2013

Still "Not Advertiser Friendly" (update)

Denied yet again in another round of the YouTube monetization follies I gave the response below when challenged on my "commercial use rights" for the video above.  I won't get my 27 cents but at least my response makes me feel better.

"I am me, this is all you see on your little internet TV.  That said the only way you can disagree is if you find my content, "not advertiser friendly"

Mobile Fit Guide
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For an example of "Advertiser Friendly" Check the video out below.

Hmm, now this is interesting.  I just did that video as a test and you know what? It was monetized immediately!  That pretty much proves what it takes to get monetized on YouTube.  Either brown nose or have crap content.  Nice...

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