Friday, January 10, 2014

It's all about Her

I'm going to step outside of the normal weirdness I put in this blog for a minute because something's bothering me.

There's a lot of buzz about the latest permutation of the modern love story.  One that promises to make you question your reality like "The Matrix" but without all the bullets.

Spike Jonze's latest foray into the sublime if not ridiculous otherwise known as, "HER." has managed to gather critical acclaim since its release a few weeks ago.  Even Rotten Tomatoes is giving 4 1/2 stars.  

Before I go any further you need to know that this isn't a movie review, in fact I expressly plan to NOT see this movie.  Why?

Because this is nothing more than a silicon valley ubergeek's wet dream.  The reviewers swoon at all those touching moments in the film with drivel like...

"a romantic scene .....that genuinely seems to be taking place between two flawed, headstrong lovers.


I guess it's natural for a gadget crazed populace to make the leap into a Kurzweil (Singularity) fantasy where love need no more than Siri with Scarlett Johansson's voice seductively suggesting a good sushi bar.  By the way, don't expect any sultry holograms, all you get is her voice.

No matter how clever and tastefully done, the whole premise is in a word, pathetic. Not because it's outlandish but because of how much it isn't.  After all, if we can't make a relationship work why not try to create one with a bunch of circuits and a voice synthesizer right?

Is this some reflection of an emotionally detached society more enamored with technology than the people around them?  I think so and instead of a sweet, touching love story, a movie like this should serve as a warning.  

Maybe that's the point but it's sad commentary on society that we have to ask the question.

It's bad enough that all these soft-core romance flicks reflect a lifestyle few could ever achieve.  I mean don't these people ever have to work?  Seems like they have days to while away on beaches, taking spontaneous road trips across the country or lounging in sidewalk cafe's.

I suppose HER fits the bill for its genre then.  Especially for those silicon valley types who grew up with the likes of "Weird Science"  haunting their adolescent dreams.


That's it right there!  We finally have a "dignified" sequel to a movie about making your own perfect woman.

In that light it's not quite such a sweet, heart touching tale is it.