Friday, February 27, 2015

TWIT: No reprieve!

"The report of my death was an exaggeration..." Mark Twain

A few weeks back the skies were darkening over at Totaldrama.EU.  It seemed that TWIT would finally find it's conscience silenced.  The site had become a victim of its own popularity as former TWIT faithful flocked to a kindred spirit.  Normally such affirmation would be a good thing but with increased traffic comes increased expenses and without benefit of Leo's Tip Jar it seemed the end was near.

But not so fast...

Skip ahead a few weeks to February 18th when it was announced that oblivion had been averted.  Apparently the pullback from the edge came in the form of an anonymous angel investor.

That's a good thing...

Because when someone is selling you a bill of goods you need to have the information to make an informed decision.  You may not agree but at least you have the benefit of another perspective.

Over the past 3 years TWIT has transformed from a trusted source for the geek republic to a propaganda factory running in full tilt denial mode. 

Truth be told, I could care less about TWIT anymore.  I've gone from having a constant loop of TWIT content running in the background of my daily routine to struggling to even get through an episode of what was my favorite TWIT show, Windows Weekly.

To watch a Sunday episode of This Week In Tech has literally become an insomnia cure populated with B-list TWIT personalities (to be honest, that's all that's really left) and hanger's on desperate for some measure of media attention.

But where I'm little more than a consumer, Totaldrama is a watchdog.   Given, it's often a snarling, pee on your shoes, dig up the trees in the yard kind of watchdog but all the same still a watchdog.

I still wonder, however, what will happen to when TWIT meets its inevitable demise.  I'd like to think that what's been started as a parody could evolve into something resembling a mashup between The Onion and Snopes

Heaven knows that TWIT isn't the only online media outlet guilty of believing its own marketing.  There's far too many prairie pancakes (aka: BS) on the wild web to go unchallenged.

Give it some thought guys...