Thursday, October 1, 2015

Arizona Monsoon 2015 Highlights

Over on this blog's sister YouTube Channel at you won't find much in the way of commentary on current events but what you will find is an eclectic mix of whatever happens to cross my camera lens.

Here in Arizona we just finished up our yearly Monsoon storm season and I made a concerted effort this year to grab footage of every storm.

They say Phoenix averaged 3.29 inches of rain from June 15th to September 30th (*start/stop dates for the season) That's actually 1/2 an inch above the seasonal average of around 2.5 inches.

I know in many parts of the country that's about as much rain as you get in an hour but what we lack in precipitation we make up for in drama.  Last year (2014) was historic with close to 7 inches of rain for the season most of which came in one day causing flooding that shut down the I-10 freeway and put entire subdivisions underwater.

Central Arizona isn't used to handling a lot of water at once so when it happens things can get ugly fast.  

Below are a few videos I took from this season.  You can see all of them on the YouTube channel and there's a playlist in case you want to see all my monsoon videos going back to 2008.

Here's to proof that I'm not just some curmudgeonly troll sitting around waiting for something to bitch about in a blog post!

As always, enjoy!

A rare early morning storm after dawn

Late season and one of the more intense storms

This was the last storm of the season

A playlist of all my past Monsoon videos