Thursday, February 23, 2012

An open letter to Technorati

So Technorati recognizes my claim on this blog but apparently thinks it isn't a blog.  Instead of a rating or Technorati Auth I get this...

Feb 14, 2012. This site does not appear to be a blog or news site. Technorati does not support claiming of forums, product catalogs, and the like. You can review our site quality guidelines at


So I followed the link and did indeed

Which leads me to this open letter to Technorati.  Since I don't have any other means of appeal this will have to do...

Dear Technorati,

Right now, at this very moment, you are reading....A BLOG!  I'm not offering anything for sale, there are no catalog links or pictures and I'm not aggregating anything.  I'm nobody's portal.

This blog exists for the sole purpose of having a place to publish works that don't fit my IT of Gaming blogs.  I mean how many people really want to read about Barack Obama between articles about Battlefield 3.

Perhaps I've somehow confused your blog crawler or there's a biased set of eyes.  Either way there's nothing here that violates your TOS.  It's the same format hosted on the same blogspot account that my other blogs are.

The fact that it's difficult to contact you to address the issue didn't inspire confidence either. A generic  feedback form was the most I could do.

For myself and no doubt others suffering the same affliction please review your process.