Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Piling On

I recently received a link to a story on the Gawker site concerning Leo Laporte shortly after posting my articles in the "Beware your Heroes" series.  Apparently I've misled some readers concerning my intentions so I'll outline them here.

In those articles I detailed my own personal beliefs gathered from my own personal experiences and observations of the TWIT network and Leo Laporte's professional role in it.  Any conclusions drawn stay within that context.  

Let me make this absolutely clear. 

My posts weren't intended to exact a pound of flesh for some perceived wrong.  I make no claim to being a journalist but for the sake of my own integrity I would not engage in yellow journalism.

I have no interest in sensationalism or character assassination even though my observations in the series may seem harsh.  It was by no means a joyful task but it was one I felt was necessary to shine light on what I perceive to be very real concerns for TWIT.  It serves no other purpose.

I will not entertain any topic outside of that context.  

I appreciate the interest in my blog but know that I do not intend to turn it into an Internet tabloid.  If you've come upon this blog hoping to find the latest dirt on your favorite Internet celebrity I'm afraid you'll be disappointed.

With that I consider the matter closed.