Sunday, December 31, 2017

After Christmas - A post mortem for the soul

Twas the week after Christmas lights still on the tree sadly now shining less brightly 

At once made perfect with all due care now those lights a nuisance, a tacky cross to bear

The excitement of the season fades to past as the day of reckoning for bills made comes fast

How quickly we forget why the season is so bright or perhaps we never really knew as we bought all in sight

The 26th comes, the world again severe.  Good will toward men and kindness in arrears

The baubles now tattered, broken and dark as the joy of the season fades to gray and stark

Now approaches the shiny new year with expectations rising and reality drawing near

Soon we'll return, marching to another's tune all the time hoping our turn will come soon

Ahh but that reality, the ogre that looms.  A plague on the heart, dogged foe of joy fast friend of doom

Life is what you make it or so they say but those who proclaim it rarely enter the fray

So as your impending hangover this New Year's Morn you dread

Let me pound this one simple message into your soon throbbing head

The lesson of the season isn't about lights on a tree

It's about the light kept inside year round shared freely

Priorities be damned, you've got them wrong anyway

Give of yourself shining with the light of Christmas each and every day

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Vegas at Christmastime

I don't get to travel much but my friends do and sometimes I get some decent photos and videos out of it.  So sit back and enjoy a few minutes of Vegas 2017!