Friday, February 14, 2020

Wolfenstein 2 The New Collossus - A First Play EXTRA!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

I watch you go....

Heart wide open
Eyes firmly shut
Not with reason
but faith in...what?

Faith in the unspoken a feeling shared

Faith in a union but no armor to a heart bared

Fool or hero, neither or both

A trust given not earned on little more than hope

What could I do but gather more lines
for another sad tome of a union denied

My shadows her demons both tainting the air

So much promise, so much hope but no fruit to bear

Her love restrained  so shackled by shadows

Mine given freely but fearing the gallows

The day is over the night draws first breath

At the well of the unrequited again I mourn love's death

I mourn the truth more that two couldn't be united

I mourn one last time and for a moment, delighted.

For what it was, so much to me even for a little while.
At times the memory still brings a smile

There's no shame that to love I surrendered

That she woke a still heart with stirred embers

But now I am done and alone is no burden

What I seek lives not here, of this she is certain

Give to me now a moment of grace even if strength shows not on a tortured face

The heart burns strong but seeks not another to know love is to be love

and that needs no other.